Some of Our Sponsors

What makes Ackwood Auto Parts the best in Sarnia is our love for the Auto Community. We help the auto community by sponsoring their cabs, race cars or other autos around the Sarnia Lambton area. Below are some of the sponsored vehicles you will find.

Race Cars

Tom Colbran

A replica 1937 Chev Coupe built all in house by Tom. It is powered by a 598 Ci In Chev aftermarket engine. It has run a best of 8.46 at 161 mph in the quarter mile. Tom has been doing this for 40 years.


Mike Grunte

Mike owns a a 1932 Bantam with a 125 wheel base that weighs over 1650 pounds. Mike currently is using a 1000 cfm quick fuel carb. His car has gone 8.019 at 165 mph but expects to run 7.90's by the end of 2016.